Hitting the brakes

I got through the wasted weekend and came out the other side of it Monday morning realizing that I had to hit the brakes and do a bit of reevaluation on some things I was wasting my time on. 

How nice it is to finally be in a place mentally to be able to take a look around and put away what is not working and focus on what is. 

I literally put away some things after heading over to Walmart Monday at lunch to get some totes (50% off post-Christmas! Woo!) so I could clean out a couple of closets and store so things while heaving some stuff into the trash. Out of sight, out of mind but not gone to the help center just in case some of these items are needed again in the near-future. That's part of my ongoing rule to not be hasty about getting rid of things.

I also put away my iPad and got back to reading but sadly ended up with another 3 star book. The local library reopened from their remodel Monday so maybe I will get over there and find something good to read. Plus, I have a book I have been wanting to read for a while on the way via snail mail.

I don't know if I've been in the mire for months and just lately have the vision to see where I am along with the motivation to get out or if I just hit a bit of a post-holiday rut the last two weeks but it's been nice to clear my mind and sort of reboot over the last three days. I am hoping to stay focused next weekend and not come out of next Sunday thinking it was a waste.