I got trolled on Twitter today

I have 28 followers and some anonymous troll with over 2,000 followers* (* hardly any of them interact with her at all) decided to poke their virtual nose into one of my Twitter conversations.

My brief interaction with whoever it was gave me a chuckle at lunch and another chuckle while I was picking up the car after an oil change but I still wonder how pitiful it must be to be the kind of person that would search Twitter for people to harass.

Is that all this person has going for them? Do they have no other enjoyment in life? Is this the only communication they have with other human beings? Or, even worse, do they do this while living an otherwise normal, enjoyable life?

This is exactly what I don't like about Twitter but there has obviously been a change in my attitude over time. Just a few months ago, I probably would have just blocked the troll and locked down my account but now I see things like this as minor irritations that don't diminish the value I get from interacting with people I actually know and I can now find the humor in engaging with random idiots hiding behind fake user names.

I'm staying in the game. I shall do my duty to continue to entertain my 28 followers and I shall do this even if the "convo" is public.