Weblogging on and on

I've been wondering when blogging and really anything online like Twitter or other bad online habits turned into a "should I or shouldn't I" instead of what it was really meant to be in the first place, an ongoing record of daily events and some thoughts and opinions along the way.

That's what early blogging was like. The idea of sharing was more than enough motivation to come back day after day and the number of those reading was through the roof. But somewhere along the way, it became kind of a drag. Maybe it was the spammers and then the trolls. Maybe it felt pointless throwing words into the eternally filling void as more and more people tried their hand at blogging. Was it fun or or did I think I was special being one of a few and then it wasn't fun anymore when the room got crowded?

I don't know. All I do know is how nice I think it would be (I might be wrong) to have more personal history in these posts to go back and look at.

Maybe I am being too nostalgic. That happens at times.

The blog, like most things I do, kept getting interrupted by thinking too much into all of this (all of this being the internet and my place in it) and that is what derailed me again and again and as I read other blogs, I know I'm not the only one. I just came upon another blog that pretty much died out years ago and the last post was about taking a Twitter break like that is something you must declare so people don't think you've fallen off the face of the Earth or so your absence doesn't rock the foundation of society. Spoiler - it won't.

It's so common now to take breaks that there is no point in declaring it and no one will notice anyway. I go through most weekends staying as far away from apps as possible and I do this partially to clear my head and partially because I just need a little silence every so often.

This thing has changed, rebooted, faded, reappeared, etc. so many times that it boggles my mind and feels a tad pathetic. There should be two buttons here, on and off, and neither button matters a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. The internet chugs on with or without my posts.