A forgotten song from 1976

I heard a song this morning for the first time in many years. It's one of those big one hit wonder types of songs even though this artist did follow this song up with a top 20 hit the next year. Neither song seems to receive any airplay nor have they in many years. They are mostly forgotten and that's a surprise because this song is A) Quite good and B) Peaked at #3 and stayed there for multiple weeks during the summer of 1976.

According to the artist, Dorothy Moore, this record was recorded in one take in 1974 but was left on the shelf for two years before it was released, climbed up the charts and then disappeared into obscurity. It's a shame it pretty much vanished. I would blame that on changing tastes and not on the performance which is rock solid.

We add a brand new label to this new version of the blog (music) with this fantastic song from the summer of our bicentennial by the fabulous and still performing Dorothy Moore with her version of the classic, "Misty Blue" which ended 1976 as the #19 hit of the entire year.