Bought an old Nook and it won't connect? Read this

I bought a Nook Glowlight on eBay and it arrived yesterday and would not connect to the Barnes & Noble servers. This is important even if you don't buy books through the Barnes & Noble store because it prevents you from setting up the device. But, don't fret! You don't have to do a workaround!

Go here:

Download the file for your particular model.

Don't unzip it. Connect your Nook to your PC even if it is stuck on the setup screen. A drive will pop up. Drag over the file as-is. Then, disconnect from your PC and wait for the Nook to go to sleep and pow! The update installs and then setup magically works. You have a fully functional Nook with access to the Barnes & Noble store.

I didn't buy my Nook Glowlight to use on the B&N store even though I might. Who knows. I bought my Nook Glowlight to use with Adobe Digital Editions so I can read library books that are don't have a Kindle version available which seems to be happening quite a bit all of a sudden.

I read a book like this recently on my phone and I HATED IT. I really don't like reading for a long time on my phone screen. So, I scoured eBay and found this perfect Nook Glowlight. It was advertised as new and it sure appears to be brand new. There is not a scratch on it.

It even came with a new case!

I still have books in my Nook library since I had a Nook before I bought my Paperwhite which I have read hundreds of books on and which will still be my main reading device. The Nook Glowlight will be a nice backup to have for library books that are only available via Adobe Digital Editions.