February has arrived and January here was nothing like Snoopy's January. We only had one day that I would call truly "winter-like" when we reached a high temperature of just 24 degrees F (-4 degrees C).

Most of the month has been like it is right now, cloudy and just a little cool. Sweatshirt weather.

I'm typing out this first entry of the month on my trusty Asus Transformer at Dunkin', formerly known as Dunkin' Donuts and I don't know what we're supposed to dunk now that donuts is no longer in the name although they do still sell donuts.

January was a fairly decent month. It went by in a flash but I seemed to get quite a bit accomplished. I read almost six books, finishing number six just a couple of hours ago and I recorded a podcast every week until this past week which is not too shabby. It was a bit too busy at work this week to spend time on recording. I am guessing I will get back on the podcast horse next week.

I spent more time watching television and less time aimlessly surfing the internet most evenings until this past week when I slipped back into old habits a bit. I finished season one of "The Morning Show" and both seasons of "Fleabag" but I couldn't get back into "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" and I couldn't get into "Star Trek: Picard" either.

I know that television is just a different way of wasting time but I think it scatters my brain less than web surfing which includes but is not limited to social media app scrolling and dumb YouTube video consumption.

I do feel more sleepy than normal and I am guessing that is because of my crazy happy pills. It's weird to be so wound up that you go go GO for years and then you suddenly feel like what I assume normal people must feel like.

One thing I have still failed to get back into is the shortwave radio. I haven't picked up either of my radios since Christmas Day. I have had the scanner on quite a lot though. Sometimes it's nice just to listen to local air traffic control. It blends into the work day quite nicely. Planes arrive. Planes depart.

So, there you go. A bit of a summary of January 2020 and a welcoming wave to whatever February 2020 will bring. Hopefully it will be good for us all.