Friday randomness

I just stumbled upon someone who has over 18,000 tweets and only three followers and they all appear to be bots.

Seemed pretty pathetic to me especially since most of their tweets are addressed to the President and then to other people that may or may not be fictional.

Of course, maybe this is their version of a diary and at times, it does look that way. It's quite comprehensive and their are multiple short videos of places this person has visited.

At other times, it appears that the account is a bot but a bot couldn't (?) add in the video entries that seem quite authentic. Or, maybe I am being fooled. Maybe AI is this advanced!

If this is true, can we believe in anything?

Oh, well. What's more pathetic? Tweeting 18,000 times for no real followers or writing a blog for maybe 7 readers or tweeting for 31 followers or podcasting for a handful of listeners?

Maybe we are all equally pathetic.

The days keep rolling by. The Democrats are a mess. Coronavirus is spreading. The Dow Jones is tanking. The world is on the brink of chaos.

And yet we plug on. I type out another post. I put up another podcast.

What else is there to do but wait and see what happens next?

Mask up! It's going to be a bumpy ride.


  1. Well you may only have a handful of listeners but at least We Are REAL! Keep at it buddy. Your posts/podcasts are a welcome break from our own craziness.


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