Mobile post

I am a passenger in the car as we drive back from my father's house so I thought, hey, why not make a post. I can do it with a simple email. All hail technology!

This function has been available for years but I have rarely taken advantage of it since I am typically driving or if I am not driving, typically reading.

Also, I am not a big fan of typing on a phone. It still feels cramped and unnatural after many years of doing it. Growing up with typewriters and full sized computer keyboards before laptops were a thing I had access to spoiled me.

Consider this. My first laptop was a PowerBook 520 that I purchased during the summer of 1994. It was a real piece of crap. It spent more time in the Apple repair shop than actually being used and I ended up replacing it with a Canon desktop on the first day Windows 95 was out. According to the oracle (Wikipedia), that was Thursday, August 24th, 1995 so it must be true. I learned that day never to buy something like that on day 1. I fought driver issues for months.

Look how far we've come in 25 years. Now I am zooming down the highway blogging.

I am attaching a picture to this. We'll see what Blogger does with it.