I think in the past I have had multiple reboots but the past couple of weeks or so have felt different so I will call this odd phase of life a reset.

I wish the reset had come at Christmas. There are small wasteful purchases that happened between Christmas and a couple of weeks ago that would not have happened had the reset occurred at that point.

As part of the reset, I did not buy one thing for myself this past weekend which was amazing considering:
  1. I was dragged into multiple retail outlets
  2. I had a gift card which I ended up not spending on myself/something I did not need
Of course, I'm not saying I wasted tons of money between Christmas and a couple of weeks ago. Wasting $10 on something pointless is far too much when I DON'T NEED ANYTHING. 

I did end up in the Dollar Tree yesterday and I bought three more books in the book section and I don't consider that a waste at all since I keep finding foreign books translated into English there that have been quite enjoyable, books you can't find at the library that are still full price on Amazon. So, this is not a waste, at least that is how I have justified it. 

Putting a 2GB stick of RAM in a 12 year old laptop just to see if I can get it running Windows 10 Pro (I did. Whoop dee doo.) is a waste of $9 and an incredible amount of time. I accidentally installed the 32 bit OS first, you see, so I had to stubbornly start over from scratch. Now I have a 12 year old laptop that runs pretty good but I have no need for it and nothing to do with it. 

Thinking about writing and not sitting down at a machine and actually doing it is an incredible waste of creativity. Reset. Here I am. 

I even had some time to read outside on the deck yesterday before the sun kept getting blocked by the clouds and finally the 30 MPH wind gusts that were ahead of today's current soaking rain drove me inside.

Reading seems to be my greatest source of joy at the moment and knowing I don't have to pick up the recorder this week is giving me a bit of freedom from thinking about entertaining things to say.