Sunday at the Dunkin'

It's Sunday and I finally blew the dust off of the microphone today to contribute a few sentences to a very special 476th episode of the podcast.

I also blew the dust of this site by triumphantly returning to post this entry.

I've been busy busy busy doing other things like reading and watching movies. I am never going to catch up completely on the queue of movies I have collected up via Turner Classic Movies on YouTube TV but I am finally starting to make a dent there. I watched "My Favorite Year" yesterday and it was one of those movies I realized I had seen many years ago once I started watching it but it was good enough to see again and I am wondering aloud why Mark Linn-Baker is not in everything.

I am currently rewatching "Manhattan" which does Woody Allen no favors about analyzing his personal life but is beautifully filmed and has excellent music throughout it. I watched "Interiors" for the first time last week and it was quite the departure from most of the movies of his I've seen. I am wondering aloud why Diane Keaton is not in everything.

I am currently typing this out on the Asus Transformer while sitting in the Dunkin' Donuts with a large Irish Cream iced coffee that will probably Roto Rooter me in a few hours but it certainly tastes good going in.

And I think I am finally over the nasty cold that took hold Thursday night and held me hostage Friday and Saturday. I was starting to think it was the flu or worse until I recognized the improvement yesterday afternoon and now I am a good 90% back to normal so maybe it's over.

Final note - I ordered a used Nook cheap and it comes in tomorrow because I keep getting books at the library that are not available on Kindle which is odd but it has happened three times recently and I don't like reading books on my phone or tablet. I can transfer Adobe Digital Editions files to a Nook so this will help keep me reading in case the library is suddenly getting all anti-Bezos or something.

And that's the latest from Armpit.