Coronavirus Thursday

Another exciting day here in Armpit. I started the early morning off with some shopping and I discovered that the toilet paper aisle at our still under repair Walmart was stocked up but I saw just a bit ago that it's empty now. I got everything I needed food-wise so it's all good at least for now. 

As long as McDonald's stays open, I'm all set.

Seriously, I am trying to cook more, at least breakfast and supper for now so we can minimize being out and about and not just because of the coronavirus but also since clean up and even some rebuilding from the tornado is still ongoing and we don't need to be in the way of that.

School is out again next week for week 3 out - 4 days for the tornado, a full week for spring break and now a week for the coronavirus. Who knows when they will actually get back to the classroom. I can't remember an illness pandemic closing schools in my lifetime so this is all new territory.

Wall Street is still in chaos and I've been leaving CNBC on all day even though I've never been particularly interested in the stock market aside from how my 401K is doing. It's quite fascinating and I am trying not to think about my 401K. I am sure it will bounce back in a few weeks once this thing peaks and then starts to subside.

So, another day with life semi-normal. I work at home and don't mind being at home so it's not much of an adjustment for me, so far.