It's what did ya do Saturday!

What do ya do when you're social distancing and self-isolating on a chilly March Saturday in order to try to take your mind off of the chaos the world is descending into?


That's what I did. I moved around some furniture and cleaned up a lot of corgi hair that gets all over the place and I filled a bag of trash and I put aside stuff to donate to the help center when they reopen in April.


I updated this laptop, my trusty Asus Transformer.

I watched NC State win the 1983 Championship again thanks to CBS showing classic basketball all day.

I looked around the house and made a grocery list of all of the things we would like to get but probably won't be able to.

I tried not to think of the impending doom predicted by tweets so I did my best to stay away from the onlines as much as possible.

I played Dave Brubeck's Take Five album on the stereo in its entirety.

I took care of some work stuff that could have waited to Monday but why not. I'm here now. I'll be here Monday. Nothing else to do.

I decided to update this blog because I am stubborn although I know barely 10 people will even glance at what I wrote.

The dryer just stopped and now I have clothes to fold.