Present over past

I was trying to force myself to think about the past a bit earlier this morning and I am happy to say I saw no real reason to. Maybe it's wisdom that comes with age. Maybe it's the happy pills. Maybe it's a little bit of both.

I did this because something from the past popped into my mind suddenly and it felt disrespectful to me to outright dismiss it but I ended up doing that anyway.

This made me think about when it is profitable to think about the past and I came up with only two instances and both have to do with positively benefiting the present.

First, reflecting on good memories when something happens in the present that stirs up that memory. This can involve seeing someone you have not seen for a while or hearing a song that makes you recall that good memory.

Second, considering a decision you made in the past when a decision needs to be made in the present. Use your memory of a bad decision or a good decision from your pay may to help you make a good one now.

Aside from these two instances, I see very little benefit in revisiting the past. Those days are done and the weight of this truth should motivate us to make the best of the now that we can as the now is slowly slipping away from us all and we are reminded of that any time we turn on the news these days.