Safe at home lockdown hidin' out from the virus check-in

Checking in today. Yes, we are still here. No, none of us have symptoms. Yes, we still have toilet paper. No, I'm not getting out at all today. Yes, all of us here that have jobs (my youngest does not) are still working because we all have jobs classified as essential.

I think the fear of getting this is quite real though. You can only wash your hands so much. People in our area are testing positive. There was a "scare" at my wife's work over the weekend and the whole place was professionally cleaned and luckily, that person was negative. There is a positive case at my oldest daughter's work.

Who knows who I have passed at the Walmart that has it. I work at home but I also am the designated shopper and shopping involves strategy now and I keep a running list of things we will need over the next two or three weeks and I get what I can when I see things in stock. So far, this is working. I find the things we need eventually.

This is turning into quite the mess. Political chaos in Washington has prevented anyone from getting financial help. Pressure from Wall Street and the idiotic politicians who react to that pressure are wanting to end the lockdown and just accept the fact that would allow the virus to run rampant and kill most of the elderly. This virus has certainly shown us what a mess our society is and how far our priorities are out of whack.

The one good thing to me, maybe not to you, about the lockdown is being able to spend more time putting together podcasts and I have a real fun(?) one coming up on In Your Earholes in the next week or so. It is my second Coronapalooza entry and it is a doozie. I spent way too long putting it together so I am quite proud of the finished product, of course.