Six people read my last post

That's right, six people read my last post (on the tornado), a post that took me about five minutes per reader to put together. Bang for my buck I am not getting.

This is a problem with Blogger. If you go to the page to click on New Post, you see the readership numbers and mine are dismal, pointless, so sad.

In other news, we are one week out from the tornado and things around here would be getting back to normal if it wasn't for our little friend, COVID-19.

Say hello to my little friend!

It's like double chaos here now with businesses still closed and the possibility of power outages at any moment since work is still being done to fix the power grid. Now we also have to contend with even more grocery shortages because people are freaking out over coronavirus and yes, some of that freaking out is in order because this can actually kill people so we do need to take this seriously. I just wonder if we can take it seriously without freaking completely out.

Will school go back next week? Who knows?

Will roadblocks be set up around town to form a containment zone? Possibly!

Can we maintain some level of common sense or do we have so many reactive people enabled by and possibly created by the bombardment of data (posts, messages, etc) via the internet that common sense is dwindling in supply almost as fast as toilet paper?

And, how about that stock market? And Joe Biden cussing people out on the campaign trail?

2020 is nuts.