To the newsletter writers

I still think that newsletters are the new blog and I am reminded of that every Sunday morning (my time) when the brilliant newsletter, Orbital Operations, appears in my inbox.

Reading it makes me enthusiastic for the format. It's like when I am listening to a podcast that suddenly inspires me to record an episode myself. Mine won't be as good but that's not the point!

Newsletters, however, are a lot more daunting. I barely have enough to write about here. There is no way I could fill up a newsletter each week with anything close to being worth reading. To even try would make it necessary to sacrifice other creative outlets. I have only so much creative energy to go around.

So, for now, I will look out from the shore toward those who create newsletters with an awe and respect I believe they deserve.


  1. It still saddens me that after a brief resurrections, the DicksnJanes zine was laid to rest once again. Between us we could have almost kept it going, but it needed more support, and shot of something to revitalize the heart.

    1. Yes, that was newsletters done right. It was good to be a part of it even as brief as it was!


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