We have finally arrived at the last day of March 2020

I missed posting here yesterday because my goal was to finish the book I was reading and in the evening I decided to just flake out and do nothing of worth. I am proud to announce I was successful in both.

I spent as much time as possible yesterday outside on the deck because I knew that today would be like this:

It's another safe at home day here which means I won't go anywhere at all. In fact, I even have on the sweatpants of isolation, a declaration to the world that I will be staying indoors except to venture down to the mailbox.

It's been four weeks since we were in the disaster area with the tornado and now we once again sit outside of the disaster area looking in while terrible things are happening in other cities. The tornado was a short-lived event compared to the images we see from hospitals on the evening news. There is a feeling of dread caused by not knowing what will happen here. Will it get far worse than it is here or will the worst of it stay on our televisions? Who knows. It's a vicious thing, striking people with swiftness and entering their lives silently in many cases via a family dinner or a choir rehearsal or possibly just passing someone on the street.

All we, the ones hiding out and hoping it doesn't find us, can do is proceed as normally as we can. I will start another book today and add items to the grocery list for tomorrow. I'll complete my tasks at work and make plans on what I need to do in the yard once we dry out. 

Forward we go into the unknown. Maybe April will be better?