Week Three

It's been two weeks since the tornado hit so we are entering week three of no school and rebuilding and also the accelerated spread of the coronavirus and the fallout of the necessary reactions to it.

These are tough, crazy days. I haven't felt like reading much in the last couple of weeks which is a shame because I was on quite the roll. Maybe it will come back.

I like being at home and I already work at home so the shift to isolation is not that tough on me but I see the impact on those around me who had plans for so many things and all of those things are on hold or even cancelled now and there is not much that can be said. I've never seen anything like this in my lifetime and not much happens to me at this point in life for the first time.

You can't really compare this to anything else. 9/11 comes up in regards to the airline industry and the feeling of not knowing what will happen next is similar but in a much more contained way.

We live in a time of mystery now with a disease many of us could be living with while experiencing no symptoms and our interactions could be a death sentence for someone else without us even knowing it. That's a scary and very real thought.

We could be tempted to proceed as normal. Don't panic. Don't buy all the things. I agree with the second and third thought but completely disagree with the first. We can't proceed as normal but we can put a few rules in place and still live positives lives in this new scenario such as washing our hands as much as possible and staying away from gatherings of more than 10 people.

Some people seem to think these and other rules are about restricting their personal freedom or that they violate some sort of religious responsibility to gather in worship. I disagree. We do what we have to do now so we can resume our normal lives sooner but more importantly so additional people do not have to die from this terrible virus.

Finally, I don't like the phrase "the new normal" because there is no real normal. We live in a constantly changing world and this is just one more change we have to adapt to and we will adapt to it and we will be better for it.