Beelieve it or not

I just noticed a dumb bee has managed to get into my window screen and I have to decide now whether to try to save it and risk getting stung or leave it to see if it can figure out how to get out.

Here is a picture. It is still in there. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

I pulled up the blinds and now can see a dead wasp at the bottom of the window so I am wondering if the bee will be smarter than the wasp. I also noticed the legs of another insect sticking out of the frame. I cannot tell what the insect is and if it is alive. Further investigation will be necessary.

The bee is still there but I need to sweep and then mop so I will have to come back to this in a bit.

Still there.

Still there.

I am done mopping. As soon as the floor dries, I will go outside and see what can "bee" done.

Heading to the garage to find something to wedge in the screen to open the gap and then outside.


Here is our bee before liberation.

Sadly, the legs belong to a moth that was beyond saving.

The screen is propped and the bee is about to exit.

It's good to be able to report some good news in this crazy world. 
The bee has been freed! 
The bee has been freed!