CoronaBag part two

On Saturday, I mentioned that I had a slightly larger CoronaBag coming today and it has arrived accompanied by the giddy cheer I release whenever I open the mailbox and find a new bag.

Here is the old CoronaBag next to the new CoronaBag, the Swissgear 2610 Mono Sling Bag, purchased on eBay for the grand total of $19 including shipping:

The new bag is in fact a bit bigger but not HUGE like a backpack. It's big enough to comfortably hold some books, a couple of water bottles and either a Kindle or iPad or even both if I just went nuts. Note the dedicated Tablet pocket that is labeled Tablet so you don't accidentally put something other than a tablet in there. I have to assume that anything aside from a tablet put in that pocket would burst into flames or at the very least result in a firm phone call from Swiss Gear corporate.

There are also plenty of other pockets for pens, pencils, hand sanitizer, etc. You name it, it's there. As a creator, you have no excuse to leave the house with all of your creativity tools so you can get down to creating.

Does that mean I will actually go forth and create?
Eh, who knows. I'll probably use this mostly for taking a radio, my Kindle, hand sanitizer, a mask and bottled water to the park whenever I feel brave enough to go there.