Today, instead of pondering Coronavirus, here we are pondering the chance for a hail storm tonight. If we get it, this has the potential to be the first damaging hail storm we have had at the house since 2012.

In creative news, I am working on my next Coronapalooza episode for In Your Earholes before my latest one has even been released. I'm trying to stay a bit ahead on these. Once again, I am going in a different direction that I had first thought. Also, I already have an idea for the one after this one. The creative juices are a-flowin'!

In school news, graduation has been officially postponed. We knew that was coming and it is a sign that we probably won't have school or community band for the rest of the school year.

And now, miscellaneous.
  • I'm still reading. I tried two books I bought from the dollar store and both ended up being flops. They can't all be winners. Lucky for me, one of the books I had on hold at the library came in so I am busy reading that one now.
  • The weather has been quite nice for sitting out on the deck but the wasps and hornets are in full force this year thanks to the warm and wet winter we had. I've been spraying the suckers like crazy.
  • We're still getting out occasionally and supporting our local restaurants a bit. I am fearful that a few of the ones completely closed now may not reopen once all of this is over.
  • I get out and shop a bit from time to time also and hardly anyone is out. They are recommending we wear masks in public but I don't have one and it looks like a lot of other people don't either. It's hard to wear a mask when you can't buy one anywhere.
That's it for now. I'm going to try to check in at least every other day.