Easter 2020

It's one of those nasty days you don't want to get out in and I'm not. I'm sitting in the easy chair where I have surrounded myself with technology including my laptop. It's so dreary that I have the lights on and I'm quite close to brewing a cup of coffee.

It could be far worse than a rainy day. We're still in the Enhanced area for severe weather but it is looking like the really nasty stuff will stay to our south. However, we're still expecting up to 50MPH winds tonight as this system starts to move out and I am hoping all of the trees behind the house can withstand that after so much rain has fallen.

It's a weird Easter. There is nowhere to go. Nothing much to do. Even if it was an absolutely awesome day weather-wise, everything would still be closed and the safe-at-home order would still be in effect. So we are hiding out from the weather and from the virus.

I hope your Easter is good. Hang in there.