Last day of April

I'm ending a full month of social isolation in addition to the two weeks of it in March with a relaxing evening at home. It's staying light outside past 7pm now and the hot weather is probably not far off. We had a real spring this year with plenty of cool but not cold days and maybe a bit more rain than we would have liked but that is ok. The best part of staying at home more was having more time to enjoy the weather while sitting out on the deck reading or listening to music or both and when it was too rainy to do that, I was able to open a window and listen to the rain and enjoy the breeze.

We will start May with a bit more normality here. Some restaurants are reopening with limited seating although I don't see myself standing in line to get any of those limited seats for a while. I've gotten used to the routine of eating at home more and I think it's still too early to let our guard down no matter how many people are protesting. I even have a haircut scheduled.

I can only hope that all of this goes smoothly and we don't see an uptick of illness as things slowly start back up.

Fingers crossed that May is a good month for us all.