Morning musings and my CoronaBag

It's an early Saturday morning here, just after 6AM. It's a good quiet time to sit down at the kitchen table, type out a post, make some coffee and then do a bit of reading.

Here's the view out of the kitchen window.

And here is where I am creating blog magic (?) this morning since it's too damp to sit outside and more rain is on the way shortly. With the window open, it's almost as good as sitting out on the deck. Almost.

Yesterday, I had an idea to share my CoronaBag. I took the pictures but the bee saga ended up happening and I knew it was important (?) to document that.

For a few weeks I had been grabbing up stuff to take out of the house with me and ended up forgetting my hand sanitizer a couple of times which is a huge no-no so I went into my gigantic stack of bags and pulled out an Eastsport bag/man bag/murse I bought at Walmart many years ago. It normally goes with me on vacation to hold sunglasses and other road trip supplies.

For now, my mask (cleaned after each trip to Walmart) and my hand sanitizer live in this bag and the bag hangs in the kitchen on a hook. Just like American Express, I don't leave home without it.

The reason I don't use this bag all the time is because it's just a bit small for my Kindle and won't hold a hardcover if I am reading a REAL book. Here's another angle that might get the size across a bit better.

I have a bag coming Monday that is just slightly larger and may end up taking on this role. Stay tuned.

Final thought of the day and possibly the weekend-
I posted this on Twitter yesterday:

You may think that means I am suddenly anti-Twitter again. I am not. I'm just anti-streams of information coming at me seven days a week. I can handle it five days a week but not seven. For a while, I've done my best to minimize my consumption of social media on Sundays and this past week I decided I would try to expand that to Saturdays also.

One thing I know I need to do is to reduce the size of some of my Twitter lists. The number of people in them have made the data streams overwhelming. But that is a task for next week.

As soon as I click on publish on this post and then close the computer, my focus will be on reading a book and watching and listening to it rain as I sit next to the kitchen window with a fresh cup of coffee.