The usefulness of Twitter lists

I've complained here about Twitter relentlessly over the years. I've done it so many times that there is no point of linking to specific posts about the topic. If you search for Twitter on this site, you get a LOT of results.

However, right when the Coronavirus outbreak started in January, I started using Twitter in the correct manner and the secret for me was creating a lot of lists. The first list I found was the Coronavirus list I am still subscribed to.

My lists are private aside from the Coronavirus list. The only reason I did that is because I think people get notifications when you add them to public lists and I had no desire to be annoying. Plus, I add and remove accounts from lists somewhat frequently.

With this setup, News accounts, for example, don't clog my feed but are easily accessible when needed.

Another example - the severe weather list is filled with accounts that are important during severe weather but not things I need to see on a daily basis.

My weather list is filled with more general accounts so I can swap back and forth when needed.

Using lists has certainly upped my usage of Twitter. I can now check in on the information I want and avoid a lot of unnecessary noise. Using lists has also given me the ability to discover more interesting accounts and share a few good tweets along the way.

Now if I could just block out trending topics on Twitter on the front page on PC and on the search bar in the app!

Finally, Facebook has turned into a free-for-all of dumbness over the last few weeks of people being stuck at home. I go there less and less. The demographic has certainly taken an older turn and that has to be hurting their business model.