Tuesday yammering

I took yesterday mostly off from the onlines. I'm caught up on podcasting at the moment. Nothing to record. Nothing to edit. I'm caught up on chores. I'm caught up on work as well as I ever get caught up. (I just thought of something I need to do work-wise so I will do that after I click publish on this.)

The safe at home order was extended to the end of the month. I hardly go anywhere in the first place so I probably won't notice much difference if they (they being the powers that be) ever let it expire.

After a month of this, I have adapted quite well to spending more time at home and quickly zipping in and out of Walmart for supplies. I went to a local restaurant today and got take out lunch but that's the only trip away from the house I have planned for today.

It's been too windy+chilly to sit on the deck and read but I'm hoping to get a few minutes in later this afternoon when the deck is in full sunlight.

Finally, I've been playing around a bit with my special.fish profile. I'm still not sure what this site is for or what I'm supposed to do with it but it's interesting to visit the site some during the day to see what other people are doing with their profiles. I think most of them are as perplexed as I am.