Where are all of the people?

I went to pick up lunch today at Chick-Fil-A which would have been the busiest place in town on Monday, March 2nd before the tornado came through. But now, there is hardly anyone there. Only the drive-thru is open along with them running out food to the car but there was hardly anyone in line and only two other cars waiting for food.

On the way back, I passed a sit down restaurant that is still serving to-go that used to have a completely full parking lot at lunch but today there were only two or three cars waiting for food.

It makes me wonder - is everyone cooking now?

Is it because a lot of people are not having to get out and go to work so they don't have to come "to town" and then don't need to go to restaurants?

Or, are there so many people out of work that they just cannot afford to go out and get food?

Or, are they all so scared of getting the virus that they don't dare eat restaurant food? If this is the case, I am apparently very stupid and they are all very smart.

We are cooking more but have also continued to go out and get food at different restaurants and that's partially because I don't feel like dealing with dishes 24/7 and partially because I want to keep supporting restaurants so we still have restaurants after all of this is over.

And this will eventually be over even with the worst days ahead according to the press conference last night and press conferences today.

It's an extremely scary time. I just now got a text that a relative who sews is making us all masks to wear when we have to go shopping. It's just surreal but it's necessary.

Hope you are well wherever you happen to be...