Bag 2: Eastsport Gear Bag

This is the bag I refer to as my coronabag. It hangs on a hook in the kitchen and always goes with me when I leave the house since it contains my masks and hand sanitizer. I also put my sunglasses and sometimes my Kindle Paperwhite in there along with other odds and ends I think I might need.

I got this bag at Walmart years ago and it has been used a lot but only shows a little wear. I've tried other bags in its place - fancier bags with more pouches and water bottle holders - but I always come back to this one. It is simple and durable.

Check out that fancy tag and zipper.

Yes, there are pouches in there for a small notebook and pens. I never use them. I'm not sure I ever noticed them before I took these pictures.

Note the Style (315180W1-BLK) so you can go right out to eBay and get your own. 
Walmart no longer carries these. 


There is the shoulder strap. I typically leave this in the car when I am out and about so it doesn't get a whole lot of use unless I am unloading the car and my hands are full.

Stay tuned! There are plenty more bags and radios to write about!