Bag 3: Jansport Digital Student Backpack

Normally I would alternate between bags and radios but since this bag arrived today and was hanging up to dry outside after being cleaned, I thought I might as well take pictures and feature it. 

This is a Jansport Digital Student Backpack that I saw on eBay for $17 plus shipping but there was a best offer option so I offered $10 and they accepted so yay for me.

I guess they sold it cheaper because it is missing the standard removable laptop sleeve but I don't plan to use this with my laptop.

I bought this bag specifically to use as luggage for my June mini-vacation to Florida. I am really bad about taking too much stuff on trips so my goal is to take only this bag with my clothes and toiletries and any other thing I need including my Kindle and a radio. This bag has a 38L capacity so it should be perfect. I will also take a smaller bag to take back and forth to the beach and when we are walking around. I'll have pictures of that bag later in the week. 

Yes, I wanted plaid.

Nice front organization pockets.

Lots of storage room!

Left side

Right side featuring the rare for Jansport water bottle holder. 
Most of their backpacks don't have them for some reason.

Here's an inside picture before I take it to Florida and it comes back with sand in it.