Finishing the day on the deck

It's about 60 degrees and I'm winding down out on the deck with jazz on the HD radio and a nice cold drink along with my iPad and orange bluetooth keyboard which I got because orange was on clearance and the grey one was full price. My shoes are in the house (still wearing my fuzzy socks) and my cardigan sweater is on and it's just about perfect out. You should be here on the deck with me also enjoying this most excellent evening.

It was a crazy busy day and I did this to myself by choice because I have had in my head that I needed to do some spring cleaning before spring got completely away from me. So, I went through my dresser and the totes in the bathroom closet and even a bit of the attic. This resulted in two bags full of trash and two big boxes of donations for the help center that I will deliver when they reopen next week.

I had been letting things pile up and the tornado and then COVID-19 slowed me down even more so it feels great to open the dresser and see NO CLUTTER and to open the catch all closet and see a huge tote of things I don't need completely gone and I have only the bags I use hung up on the back of the door and the rest either stored or gone. My idea of labeling myself a bag collector so I could hoard bags only lasted about a week.

And the thing is, I feel better not being a hoarder. I feel better not having unused, extra material things just laying around. I like clean spaces. Sure, I still have too many radios and too many bags compared to a normal person but I know my limitations and today, I got back in line with those limitations.

Creatively, I'm a bit tired although I did check out another book tonight while I wait for my holds to come in. I had checked out one yesterday that ended up being a dud and I have a no time for duds rule. I spent most of yesterday watching Mindy Kaling's (I am a fan. I even watched Late Night on Amazon Prime when it came out.) new show with my wife and we both thought it was a hoot. It's called Never Have I Ever and we watched every episode. The kids call that binge watching. The best part was I had no devices near me during this. I did have food though and quite a bit but it was a great day on the couch and I need to do more of that.

So, there you go. The music is on. The sun has almost completely set. The corgi is sitting beside me. The lights we put up on the deck just popped on. Monday was good.