Fish Food: 5/13/2020 to 5/16/2020

Starting today for as long as I don't get bored with doing it, I'm going to archive the previous week of my log here into a post each Sunday. Since I didn't start doing things like this over on until this last Wednesday, that's as far back as this week will go. Once I move the posts over here, I remove them from my log on 

Makes sense, right? No? Oh, well. I'm weird. This is not something that's new. 

Currently, I'm going over to the log whenever I think about it during the day and using it to post diary-like entries and a few odd thoughts. 

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Saturday 5/16/2020
I am super happy that the today view is back. Thanks @elliott
I finished editing the podcast. Episode 145 drops Monday at noon eastern. The intro clips are top notch.
Back home and in the recliner about to edit the next episode of In Your Earholes (
On the road to visit with my father. Forgot his pot pies in my freezer. 👎
I sent an email asking if we will be getting the ability to see who updated today back. I miss that. 
* OK, things are different here now. I have to try to figure this out. 

Friday 5/15
* In the drive-thru line for ice cream. Easily the highlight of my day. 🍦 
* All is quiet. So close to the weekend.
* The week is coming to a close, thank goodness. We finalized my oldest daughter's college plans last night, adjusted for the new COVID-19 world. I went to Walmart 😷 this morning and picked up a few essentials and was shocked and relieved to see a bunch of toilet paper on the shelves. I picked up lunch for myself and youngest daughter and now I am back at the home office hoping that the rest of the day is quiet.
* One of the dogs woke me up. Back to sleep shortly. No big plans today. I’m hoping for a fairly quiet Friday. 

Thursday 5/14
* The end of a challenging day. Making changes. Adapting. Pushing forward. 
* First day of the year that feels hot and humid. Debating mowing today or giving up and letting laziness win. 
* It’s turned into a beautiful and warm albeit a bit too windy day. I took my oldest daughter’s car to get gas and ordered her a backpack for fall.  It’s been steady at work but ok. And I am now starting to get information on how fall classes might be handled here and it’s not too encouraging for how we will get band back going but we will see. 2020-2021 might be as chaotic as this year ended up being. 
* Thank goodness! Play a fanfare! I found a book I am enjoying. Since I already have Jenny Offill's book Weather on my hold list, I went out and looked for her previous book, Dept. of Speculation and the library had it. I am enjoying it. I just feel off when I'm not reading a book.
* I got up at 5:30am. Fed the corgi. Gave him his pills. Fed the westie. Let her out. Showered and shaved. Emptied the dishwasher. Started a load of clothes. Ate two pieces of toast with butter and packets of KFC Honey Sauce which is the best. Made coffee. Moved to the deck.
* Just let the dogs out and sat out on the deck for a bit. Perfect weather out there at the moment before the heat of summer arrives later today. 
* I need to mow at some point but might be too lazy to do it today.
* Yes, I feel a lazy day coming on.
* I checked out a book last night while I still wait for holds. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t suck like the last two I tried. 

Wednesday 5/13
* It's rainy so I can't sit outside. Summer is coming and it looks like today will be the last cool, spring-like day.
* My to-do list for today is pretty empty. 
* None of my library holds have come in and I am not going to start and stop another dud so I'm in a holding pattern there also.
* I have no reason to leave the house today so today is a social isolation day.
* Maybe I will just stare out the window most of the day.
* My microwave biscuits are too hot to eat so they are cooling right beside me as I type this.
* I miss going to the library.
* I'm ready to go to bed and sleep until tomorrow. What's the point of staying up? All I will do is watch television or mindlessly stare at my iPad.
* I charged up and updated the Chromebook for the first time since I bought it. Great purchase, eh? I'm using it to update this right now so that's something, I guess.
* I mindlessly stared at my iPad all evening.
* I’m tired. Time to go to bed.