Fish Food: 5/24/2020 to 5/30/2020

This is an archive of my log posts from for the week of 5/24/2020 to 5/30/2020.

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Saturday 5/30/2020
What can be said to sum up today? Here in my bubble, I mowed. I edited a podcast. I watched live video of tear gas canisters being launched down streets I have walked on with my family. 
Just woke up completely convinced that today is Friday and thinking about work. Took a good three minutes to remember that today is Saturday and I don’t work today. I do have to mow today since the yard will hopefully dry out a bit after all of the rain we had all week. Also, thinking about a slightly different way to do this starting tomorrow. Maybe. 

Friday 5/29/2020
I finished the book I was reading right as the few first drops of rain started hitting me on the deck. Unless a hold comes in over the weekend, I am not going to start a new book until Monday. Until then, I will focus on mindless activities and try to avoid the news which is simply horrible. 

Remember last weekend? You might have thought, “Things can’t get worse” and now here you are at Friday afraid to think at all because somehow things got worse, much worse. George Floyd. A name we did not know a week ago is the latest of many examples of horrible injustice. It just seems unreal. 
Here, I am in a bubble, in the kitchen listening to jazz streaming. The sun is out. I will probably finish reading a book today. I don’t know what else to write. My mind is coming up blank.

Thursday 5/28/2020
Barely awake. Time for 😴.

It’s breezy out here on the deck and I’ve finally had some time to sit out here and read without it raining. It’s going to rain very soon and I will sit out here until the drops start hitting. I have been missing my outside reading time. 

Found the source (I think) of why a lot of new fish are suddenly swimming around here:

There are just about too many people here to keep up with. I wish the log view sorted by most recent update to oldest. In other news, my bichon is being super annoying this morning. She is typically just regular annoying but some days she is super annoying. Attention, attention, attention. She wants all the attention.

The pond is full of fish this morning. How is this happening? How is word getting out? I’ll have to poke around the internets for answers. 

It’s sunny at the moment. More rain coming though. 

I took a car full of items to the help center yesterday so two months worth of donations are finally out of here. 

Wednesday 5/27/2020
It has rained here all day. This is a good reason to go to bed early. Goodnight, fellow fish. 🐠 

There are a lot more people here all of a sudden. 🤔

I'm on a conference call. 🥱
Also thinking about some changes here. New lists, etc.

The holiday has thrown my whole week out of whack. 
Drinking orange juice with breakfast was a rare treat growing up, normally reserved for vacations. Now it’s right here as close as my fridge. It’s weird. 

Tuesday 5/26/2020
It is very hard to walk away from social network websites. There are people I would completely lose track of if I closed my Facebook account today and because of that I find Facebook to be a necessary evil. But is that good enough? And what a terrible marketing strategy to have, “Let’s make our site a necessary evil.”
I have the same dilemma about Twitter but more so, especially when things like this keep happening:

So, do I close my account and then have a vulture come in and take my user name? Do I stay as one of the good people, not letting the bad people win? Do I lock it down and just stop using it?
Using the site makes me feel like an accessory and an enabler and one person walking away won’t matter but how long can I/we support a company that just doesn’t care?

As predicted, it has been super busy at work today plus we have a small home project happening today (painting) so that has added more work to the day.
I do have a backpack coming in the mail today and there is nothing like pressing down on the gas on your weird little collections. 
I have the trombone beside me early today so I can get some practicing in in-between the insanity.

Monday 5/25/2020
A good day. Tomorrow will be busy. It makes me tired just thinking about it. 

And I saw this guy and he started grooving when “I Will Survive” started playing on the intercom:
Both made this an excellent Monday.  

I went back to bed until 9am and fought a sinus headache the whole time. It’s better now but now the rain appears to be coming. I wish I could honestly say I read all morning instead of wasting time on my iPad but I cannot. 
Shoutout to my friend @altmilan who blew away his lists and started over this weekend. I am thinking about list changes also. 
Also found that @frdwn has the perfect words for today:
“lazy summer days 

i think i need to sleep

let's get some coffee”

Today is Memorial Day and my first weekday off since February. I really need to turn in and use some vacation days before this year gets by me. 
It’s also wedding anniversary 24 today. We have no big plans. We’re still trying to stay in and avoid big crowds, etc. 
I’m hoping today will be a nice relaxing calm day. 

Sunday 5/24/2020
Editing is done. Plan is to zone out for the rest of the day. Got up WAY too early this morning. 

Starting to edit the podcast for tomorrow. It's a long one. Fingers crossed there are no issues.

I just moved last week's log posts over to the blog. Looks like it is going to be sunny and hot here again today. We went from spring to summer just like that.

It’s archive day!
I’m up at the kitchen table eating some Nutter Butters with the corgi laying down on the floor beside me. No Nutter Butters for him. He is snoring loudly as I write this.