If we use an app, are we supporting and enabling their poor policies?

I have been thinking a bit about the time I spend on Twitter. I spend hardly any on Facebook and most of the time I spend there is when I have to do something as a page manager for the groups I volunteer for.

I have minimized my Twitter time through the use of lists which I highly recommend but even lists don't keep out all of the negativity. And the search function is unusable since all of the trends that pop up are typically garbage.

But, I can handle all of that.

What I am having trouble with is the latest round of Trump vs. social networks news concerning his tweets about Joe Scarborough and early voting. What Trump is doing to the Klausutis family is despicable and the way Twitter and Facebook allows it to continue is even more despicable.

This picture has nothing to do with this post. IFTTT puts an error in place of an image if there is not an image with posts so enjoy this picture I took yesterday. I tried to take a picture of the huge piece of gum I had spit out on the road while it was raining and my phone kept focusing on the drops on the car window instead. 

Oddly enough, Trump is apparently going to sign an executive order today that would make social media sites more liable for any misinformation posted via their sites. Wouldn't this give Twitter more of a reason to ban Trump since they would be liable for the misinformation he posts? Same for Facebook which seems to think that anything Trump posts is fine and it is up to us to figure out what is and is not true.

I wrote the following on my special.fish log Tuesday:

It is very hard to walk away from social network websites. There are people I would completely lose track of if I closed my Facebook account today and because of that I find Facebook to be a necessary evil. But is that good enough? And what a terrible marketing strategy to have, “Let’s make our site a necessary evil.”
I have the same dilemma about Twitter but more so, especially when things like this keep happening:

So, do I close my account and then have a vulture come in and take my user name? Do I stay as one of the good people, not letting the bad people win? Do I lock it down and just stop using it?
Using the site makes me feel like an accessory and an enabler and one person walking away won’t matter but how long can I/we support a company that just doesn’t care?

So, this blog post will still generate a tweet because I don't want to lose connection to my friends on Twitter and the app stays installed on my phone and tablet. I have carved out a nice place there through lists and liberal use of the mute button so the way I use the site is not giving me issues.

But my dilemma is that my use of Twitter and other similar sites enables people like Trump and others who use the site to spread lies and to rally supporters to do who knows what. Knowing that I am a part of that is what I struggle with and it is getting harder and harder to justify.