Morning routine

  • Up at 5:45am. No need for an alarm. Been waking up at the same time for decades.
  • Work things. Get online. Check the systems. If there is something urgent, take care of it. If it can wait, it waits. 
  • Bathroom things including shaving if I feel like it or have to do it so I don't start looking like Santa.
  • Dog things unless someone else decides to take care of them or I raise my voice and request that someone else take care of them. Dog things include feeding, letting out and pills. The one dog takes more pills than I do.
  • Jazz things. Go to the kitchen and say "Hey Google, play KSDS radio"
  • Breakfast things. Today, I radiated some leftover breakfast from last night's breakfast for supper in the microwave. While I eat, I catch up on the onlines including email and the tweets. Never Facebook. Don't care about Facebook and certainly wouldn't want to start my day with it.
  • Coffee time. I drink OJ or orange Gatorade with breakfast. Coffee comes after. Coffee is separate. Coffee deserves a time dedicated just to it. Coffee is special.
  • Update time. I update my around the same time each morning. Today, I pulled out the Asus Transformer. I've been updating using my iPad so I can add in emojis. This is becoming a drag. "Typing" on a tablet or phone slows me down so I'm going to try to use a PC for at least a few days instead. Yes, I could also use my bluetooth iPad keyboard. But since I already had out the Transformer, I decided to update the blog also. Lucky you!
  • Reading time. If I have a bit of extra time before heading back to the home office to officially start the work day, I will read a bit before doing so.
Here's a picture I just took of my morning spot where I do all of the things above starting with Breakfast things: