Radio 1: Uniden BC125AT Scanner

The first radio I'll write about in this exciting (?) new series is my Uniden BC125AT Scanner.

I've owned it for about two years. I bought it off of Amazon as a return and it arrived looking and working like brand new.

All that is left here to listen to is the airport and airplanes, paramedics, local sheriff, and business radio frequencies used in warehouses and restaurants. Everything else has gone digital but that still leaves plenty to listen to.

As you see below, this scanner has programmable alpha tags so you can tell what you are listening to. The programming cable came with the scanner and the software was free to download online.

I bought a Diamond RH77CA Antenna which came highly recommended and really pulls in the air band like no other scanner/antenna combination I have ever used. Yes, I enjoy listening to just the air band some, especially when I am sitting outside reading. Listening to planes take off and land is very relaxing.

I attached a label to the back showing what I have programmed by band.
The scanner takes just 2 AA batteries and they are rechargeable in the radio although I don't do that.

Here's a full view to give you an idea of the height of the radio with the Diamond antenna.

Hands down, this is the best scanner I have owned in all of my years of owning scanners with a few caveats:
It's a tad complicated to use. Many of the buttons do multiple things.
Air band is fantastic but my Radio Shack scanner (that you will see here eventually) seems to outdo it on the other bands by just a little.
Digital squelch is not great. I feel like this scanner misses transmissions because I can't get the squelch just right which is also not a problem on the Radio Shack scanner.

Of course, this scanner is a keeper.