Radio 2: Radio Shack PRO-404 Handheld Scanner

Since I listen to my scanners the most lately, here's another one and the next radio I write about here will be the other scanner I have before we move on to broadcast radios.

Today's radio is my Radio Shack PRO-404 Handheld Scanner. This is the scanner that got me back into scanner listening. Like my Uniden BC125AT, I use this scanner to listen mostly to airplanes, airports and paramedics. 

I like this radio more than my Uniden because it has analog squelch so I can find the perfect place to set the squelch. It is also louder than the Uniden and it runs off of 4AA batteries instead of two so it goes much longer. This is the scanner I used during and after the tornado that hit here in March.

It seems similar to the Uniden reception-wise with the Uniden performing just slightly better on the air bands and I am sure that is due to the Diamond RH77CA antenna I have on it.

Here are the pictures:

I have a convenient label on the side showing which banks are which since this scanner does not have text labels.

Antenna coming right at you!