Radio 3: Radio Shack PRO-2018 Desktop Scanner

Today we even up the count at three bags and now a third radio discussed here and I am also finishing the scanners I have. Why do I have three scanners? I don't know. Why do people collect thimbles, plates, etc.? I don't know. 

The good thing about having three scanners is that I know I will never need another one. I have what I use and I got this one because I wanted a scanner I could listen to plugged into power for long periods of time without running down the batteries in my handheld scanners. On some days like today when I have no podcasts to listen to, I listen to planes taking off and landing in the background. Some days I listen to jazz, some days I listen to planes. I'm weird.

The reason I got this particular scanner is that it is the desktop version of my Radio Shack PRO-404 Handheld Scanner. It's exactly the same. It programs the same way and is programmed identically, channel to channel. It sounds good. It can get quite loud. It has pretty good reception.

Here are the pictures: