I'm making little adjustments today.

First, I've been wondering if I can benefit in someway from using this site a bit more during the day? 

Second, I finally had to do something about Twitter lists. They had grown from being a usable tool to becoming overwhelming. Click one list to check the weather, click another to check the news, click another to see what the creative folks I follow are doing today, etc. etc. I had eleven lists. Now I am down to five that are truly reference only like one that follows severe weather accounts which I don't need to look at every day.

I went through and followed all of the accounts from the other lists that I deemed worth keeping and let the rest fall away when I deleted the lists. I will adjust from there. I think it will be beneficial to have one nice feed vs. multiple lists especially if it reduces my time using the app which I do still feel is valuable - most of the time. 

Third and last, I added local railroad frequencies to my scanners. I have a major railroad yard close by but I have never, in thirty plus years of having scanners, monitored railroad traffic. I don't know why because I find it pretty fascinating especially after finding this channel on YouTube.