Bag 4: Jack Spade Cordura Messenger Bag

Jack Spade was a pretty iconic brand in the world of messenger bags at one time with its own web site and prominent placement in stores but has now been reduced to just a handful of items on the Kate Spade web site. Most items have been discontinued including today's bag, my Jack Spade Cordura Messenger Bag.

Originally priced at $198, I got this bag for $24 plus shipping and it is the fanciest bag I own. It is extremely well-made and appears to be quite durable although it gets very little use at the moment. 

I had a different Jack Spade messenger bag years ago that I used a lot and it slowly fell apart which seems to be the fate of many Jack Spade bags. This one is made from Cordura nylon so I think it will hold up much better. 

Lots of pockets and pouches!

Nice heavy duty zippers

Jack Spade branding all over the place

Fancy! Definitely a keeper!