Bag 6: Jansport High Stakes Multi Laguna Beach Backpack

What a weird, long name for a bag - the Jansport High Stakes Multi Laguna Beach Backpack.

You can get the Jansport High Stakes Backpack in all sorts of designs. This design appears to be out of print now. I got it off eBay shipped for $12. This bag and my Jansport Digital Student Backpack, discussed as bag 3, are the two going on vacation with me. I got this bag to take down to the beach with my Kindle, snacks and other beachy stuff in it. It arrived with a bit of sand in it from California so obviously someone else used it for the same thing.

It's a very simple backpack. One big pocket on the front and one big main compartment. No water bottle holders but I will have a cooler with me at the beach anyway.

I just like how it looks. I will be upgraded one level of coolness by being seen in public with this cool bag.