Bag 7: Vintage Jansport Backpack

I don't believe I am going to keep going and post about every bag I have at this point. I've decided over my vacation week that some need to go but I will continue to write about the keepers every so often. Two of the bags I have written about so far are not in the keeper pile but more about that in the future.

This one is a keeper.

I am calling this backpack vintage although it's probably not terribly old. It's modern equivalent is the Jansport Right Pack which comes with a suede leather bottom. This bag has the darker leather bottom plus different zipper pulls. There is no tag in the bag but I am guessing it is from the 2000's. An older bag would probably have Made in the USA on the Jansport label.

Who knows. I like the color. I like the design of the bag. It is comfortable to wear. There are only two compartments and there is no laptop compartment or water bottle holders. It's made for books and folders. It reminds me of the bag I had in college. Nice and simple. 

One little compartment for pens and who knows what.

You may call them scuffs and blemishes. I call them personality.

One huge compartment, perfect for expensive college textbooks.

Oddly enough, I spotted this exact backpack while watching the protest in Atlanta one night.

Not only does he have on a cool backpack but he is also wearing a mask. That's a good dude right there.