Radio 4: Sony SRF-39 AM FM Radio

Today's radio is a classic and a fairly sought after radio. It is my Sony SRF-39 AM FM radio and it is popular for it's excellent AM reception and for being featured in an article a few years back about the clear version of this model being the most popular prison radio at the time

It runs on one AA battery which seems to go forever. It was replaced by the Sony SRF-59 which I had at one point but did not like as well. I keep this radio in my bedside table for late night insomnia AM listening although I haven't had much of that for the last few months. I guess getting mentally healthy is bad for late night listening!

The pros - great AM reception.
The negatives - small tuning dial which I have a hard time getting just right sometimes and not so great FM reception except for really strong locals.

I don't use it much but it's still a keeper especially because of that wonderful vintage Walkman logo!

It's a bit scuffed up. That just adds character!

The belt clip. I don't see how you would run in this without jarring the volume or tuning control. 
I can't mow while wearing it.

Tuning plus band and FM Sensitivity switches.

Volume. Mine gets scratchy if you don't use it for a while.

Nice green headphone jack for when you accidentally jerk the cord out which I find I do often with this radio when doing anything active. That's why it's been retired and replaced as my yardwork radio. You'll see the current yardwork radio eventually!