Radio 5: Sony SRF-M37W Weather/FM/AM Walkman

Here's another Sony radio sort of related to the last radio I wrote about here, the Sony SRF-39 radio which was an analog radio. This one is a digital radio. I'm not sure if the internals are similar to the SRF-39 or not. Performance-wise, it is fairly similar. 

It uses just one AAA battery and it seems to have great battery life.

The digital tuning is a plus. You can go right to the station you want and save it as a preset. You can then turn on the lock and none of the controls will get messed up (except for the volume but it is fairly hard to knock around) if you are mowing or running or whatever.

The downside is that every button press generates an annoying beep. Ugh! Also, FM is easily impacted by changes in direction or obstacles that get between the radio and the signal and this causes dropouts at times which can be sort of loud and jarring at times. That is why this radio was replaced as my main mowing radio after I also gave up on mowing with my SRF-39.

The addition of weather band on this radio is pointless where I am. I can't pick up a single weather station on this radio. 

The best part is I found this radio for just $1 on the shelf at the help center where I take donations! What a bargain!

A clock! Also, completely unnecessary! 

It's roughed up a bit but it was just a dollar!

The top with the hold switch and volume control.

Just like the other Sony, another green headphone jack!