Radio 8: Prunus J-125 AM FM Radio

Radio 8 - the long awaited mowing radio although I have not mowed with a radio over the last two weeks. It's been too plain hot to have earbuds in. I need all the brain ventilation I can get.

I got this one at Amazon. It's a DSP radio. Signals don't fade out when moving about the yard on the mower. Batteries seem to last a long time. I left the clock unset to help with that (maybe). There is a power port but no recharging function. Sound is excellent but could be louder. The earbuds that came with the radio are not great. I use some old JVC earbuds that fit in pretty securely and block out most of the sound of the mower.

Finally, there is a neck strap and no clip. I prefer the neck strap. Clip on radios tend to come loose when I am mowing so the neck strap is a nice change.

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