I was up way early with one of the dogs. It's a blur. I don't remember which one. I took this picture with my iPad because the sky looked cool. But there was so much dew that I couldn't sit out on the deck and enjoy the moment and now at almost 9am, it's already blistering hot so there's no way I'm going to sit out on the deck and do anything today.

I'm even going to postpone mowing this weekend. That's how hot it is going to be.

I would typically share nonsense like this over at but it was completely down earlier and now it's sort of up but I can't login so I don't know. I'm thinking this will be the last week I archive posts from there and post them over here on Sunday's. It's too much of a bother and I might use differently moving forward. Time will tell. 

Weekend goals? (these normally end up on the fish)
  • Stay in the air conditioning
  • Read (two books I had on hold came into the library at almost exactly the same time)
  • Attend family activity today and be sociable 
  • Lose 20 pounds between now and my physical Wednesday morning so the doctor doesn't give me the annual talk (this isn't going to happen but just writing it down acknowledges that I know I need to cut back on donuts)