I took this right from my log since I started typing there and couldn’t stop. It seems blogworthy to me so here it is.

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Saturday 6/27/2020

Friday was one of those vary rare days when I get to step in the time machine and revisit the past. I spent the day at my high school playing trombone in the band for graduation for my band director’s final official performance before retirement. A few other alumni came back and mixed in with some of the students for this special send-off of the most influential teacher I ever had. I would have never guessed I would be there for his first day back in 1986 and his last day. It was a pretty cool experience and I was the oldest alumni there (class of 1991).

It will most likely be my only performance of 2020. Our spring community band concerts and the summer community band I would have played in at my college were both cancelled and our chances of having community band in the fall are looking pretty slim.

Today is all about rest and relaxation even though I am up early early since my oldest had to be at work at 6am. I went ahead and started some clothes in the washer and was surprised to see another one of my holds came in at the library so I’m ready to dive into that today. I finished a book yesterday and get to start another one today.

Also, it’s a holiday week coming up. Canada Day! Independence Day! I’m ready to celebrate all week. I’m thinking cakes would be a good idea.