Tuesday's disjointed thoughts

It's one of those funky weather days here as the remnants of Tropical Storm Cristobal pass just to our west. The humidity is at gross level. The light coming in the window here in the home office is somehow bright and dark at the same time. But, no rain yet which is quite odd.

A week from today is graduation (finally) so hopefully the weather will be better since it is supposed to be outside this year.

I'm on vacation next week so there won't be any activity here all week. I am planning to get at least one beachcast out over at Up In This Brain but that's about it.


Just a few minutes ago, I was prepping the pictures I took for the next radio I am going to share here on the blog later today. I took pictures of several radios and bags outside last week when the weather was nice so I would be a bit ahead. 


I realize I just wrote this in the same format as my special.fish log where most of what I write is added in at different times during the day so it's all pretty disjointed. It makes me wonder if this type of post should just live over there but for now I think I will keep popping in here from time to time with this kind of nonsense to break the endless onslaught of bag and radio posts.