July Write-O-Rama 1: Canada Day

Welcome to the cloudy, dreariness that is July. It’s not much different than all other July’s have been. July is that kind of month. The rainy season is in full force at the moment with little dry weather forecast for the days ahead.

Just heard in a podcast: “I could be wrong with dookie”

Today is Canada Day and on this day I celebrate my friends in the north, most I discovered through podcasting and a couple through blogging although blogging is an activity everyone seems to do less frequently now. I am powering through, too stubborn to stop, because I have this odd need to write and this blog is the most convenient place to post what I write. I could write and keep it private but it goes back to if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? This way of thinking is related to does it count if I exercise but don’t have my Apple Watch on.

For the month of July, I am doing something different. I am writing this in a Word document first and then posting it so at the end of the month I can look back on one whole month of creative output and see what I ended up doing.  Why am I doing this? I want to prioritize writing for a bit. I have written for years but have never organized it and hardly planned it. This month, I want to dive in with a bit of purpose and see where that mindfulness takes me or if it takes me anywhere at all. I may end up quitting this experiment in a week.

I would like to come here each day and be open to writing about absolutely anything. How about a burst of fiction one day and poetry about my favorite toilet paper the next? No rules, no preconceptions, no expectations, no grammar boundaries and every day completely open to new possibilities. I just turned off grammar check in Word because those highlighted sentences stop the process. Maybe I want to sound fragmented! Did you ever consider that, Microsoft?

As part of my new commitment to writing (for at least a month), I have dedicated a laptop – the one I am typing on right now – to writing. This is not the laptop I edit podcasts on or digitize videos on. This one is for writing and I put stickers on it yesterday (months after swearing to myself I would never put stickers on a laptop again).

It’s time to remember and live by these wise words:

"It's a very simple philosophy. Anybody who can be deterred from writing should have been. People who want to write really want to write and they WILL write." - Harlan Ellison

That’s enough explanation. Let’s dive into the news from Armpit.

<Doot dee doot doot dee doot>

High school football (and several other fall sports) have been postponed and we’re waiting to see what that will do to the upcoming marching season. Daily rehearsals are scheduled to start next week but it looks like the football season may start the third week of September instead of mid-August like normal. That would stretch us out to the second Friday in December if the football game schedule is not modified in some way. That’s pretty late to be hauling around instruments and other equipment.

I don’t know what is going to happen. I know that several hospitals around here are crunched for space because the ‘rona is still spreading and seems to be spreading much faster than it was when everything here was locked down in the first place.

But, is the ‘rona scary anymore or have we gotten so used to it that we have diluted its danger? The inconveniences of the ‘rona have become part of the day to day routine of life to the point that a lot of people don’t seem to believe it is a real thing. If they can’t see it or haven’t personally experienced it, it must be made up! At least that’s the justification I keep hearing from people so desperate to claw their way back to what normal life was like this time last year.

I’m frustrated with all of it also but I will still continue to take precautions, masking up and using the hand sanitizer and avoiding large crowds. I think the threat is real and I don’t want to end up with it or giving it to the people I care about.

Ok – one day of writing is in the document and soon will be posted. If you look at this and yell “too long, didn’t read,” that’s ok. I get it. But so many times I have thought to myself “too long, not going to write” and I stop doing that today. For at least a month. I hope.