July Write-O-Rama 12: Feed fatigue

Waving to you from a very rainy Sunday evening here in Armpit. I am awake probably thanks to the Red Bull slush I had this afternoon at Sonic. Hopefully I will stay awake for the 700 or so words I am about to type out on the ‘ol writing laptop. As I write, I am in my recliner (purchased at the now gone local K-Mart on Thanksgiving night probably ten or more years ago) with the laptop on my trusty red lapdesk and my trusty red lapdesk propped up on a pillow that is horribly ugly and completely falling apart but perfect for propping things up on so it will continue to be used until it does completely fall apart or I give in and beg someone to sew up the holes so the stuffing stops falling out.

No, I do not know how to sew. I can change out the guts in a toilet and digitize VCR tapes but I cannot sew. Maybe I need to take up sewing and sew this pillow myself. Hmmm. Will need to add that to my Todoist.

Hold on – I need to get the attention train back on the track. I was trying to completely set the mood so you can duplicate my writing environment if you want to. Sure, with K-Mart mostly gone, you can’t get the exact same chair and this exact same laptop is only available used now although you can buy the new version of it for $700, I think. But you can listen to the music I am listening to yet again, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEvM-OUbaKs, also known as Coffee Jazz Music – Chill Out Lounge Jazz Music Radio – 24/7 Live Stream – Slow Jazz. It’s perfect for getting in the zone and typing like crazy and probably sounding like I’m crazy when you read this.

I do have a topic on my mind tonight and it partly has to do with my love/hate Twitter relationship that I have been beating into the ground for years. Twitter is filled with ads and the trends suck so I decided to start looking around for a better yet similar service, a service with less ads and trends and suck. I found that service over at micro.blog but I am still not on a paid account there. I am supporting special.fish on Patreon which is completely unlike both Twitter and micro.blog.

And, I feel like I should be supporting micro.blog on the opening tier, $5 a month, because the service really is like Twitter without all of the suck. The conversation is so much better because these people want to be there and most pay to be there. There is a free way to be there (self-hosting) which, as I noted in an earlier post, is not exactly simple. I am going the free way for now because as much as I like micro.blog, my problem with both Twitter and micro.blog is that micro thoughts are starting to wear me out. I have feed fatigue. Scrolling down endless pages of micro thoughts is overwhelming. I want to spend time at a site. I want to get to know whoever is writing. Being an avid book reader, I am happier reading something with a bit more substance.

What micro.blog gets right is how longer messages are allowed, you just have to click the link at the end of the message that pops up on the feed to read them. The messages can go on and on and the micro.blog site (or self-hosted site) allows you to write as much as you want. Only the feed is limited in characters. And, I’ve found some really cool stuff at micro.blog so I am keeping my account active and, who knows, I might plunk down the money one day and even start blogging over there full time. It’s possible. But for now, I am just uncertain about not only absorbing more micro thoughts but also contributing my own. Isn’t the world busy enough as it is?

This is why taking Twitter off of my phone has been so enlightening. I am out and about during the day and I reach for the phone instinctively to share something on Twitter before I realize that I cannot since the app is not there and then I think about how dumb and pointless what I was going to share was and how I just saved myself from contributing to the noise which we have too much of anyway.

So, aside from the suck on Twitter which I have pretty much learned to live with and ignore, it’s really the feed fatigue from the infinite number of micro thoughts that I realize is truly the issue especially now that I have experienced the same feed fatigue on a different and improved take on the same type of service. And I realize it doesn’t do any good to quit Twitter and join another service that creates the same level of fatigue.

But I do still enjoy Twitter to a certain point and I think micro.blog is great. I will continue to use both but in moderation and I believe I will use micro.blog more and more and Twitter less and less.

Enough about that. BAG UPDATE!

After getting rid of bags and finally thinking I had tackled the bag habit, another bag has entered the house but this one feels like a logical, correct decision  instead of the desire to buy another bag when I already had bags that would perform the exact same function.

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a slip case for the writing laptop which is a 13.3 inch laptop. I have a couple of 15.6 inch slip cases which are way too big so I ordered a 13.3 inch slipcase off of Amazon. When it arrived, the AmazonBasics 13.3 inch slipcase was about 3 millimetres too small for the laptop. It would almost zip shut and would zip shut if I forced it but I didn’t want to do that. I returned it and then found the Targus TCT027US Classic Slim Briefcase. It was $13 more than the slipcase but had great reviews and it looked like a bag where the writing laptop could permanently live so it can be transported to the library and the coffee shop in 2022 or so when coronavirus might have a vaccine and enough people might actually take it.

I was most intrigued with the front pocket which expands out from the briefcase when you unzip it. It arrived and wow, what a great bag and that front pocket is perfect for the laptop power supply and any other small items you need to carry around. The bag is very compact and light and one day in the future I will share some pictures of it. I am very happy with the purchase and am almost considering getting a similar Targus backpack and replacing the other backpacks I have which would take me down to just three laptop bags – my work backpack, a backpack for personal stuff and this slim briefcase. Wouldn’t that be something? It’s tempting but I’m still pondering over it.

I feel like between this laptop, the stickers I covered the laptop lid with and the Targus bag, I have made serious, concrete investments in writing and so far, it seems to be working. I am more motivated to write than I have been in a long time and it doesn’t hurt that I am not trying to write fiction I have no business writing but am instead writing about who I am and what I know. For me, non-fiction seems to be the way to go.

I think that’s enough words for tonight. In case you missed it or didn’t miss it but have forgotten since the world is on fire with terrible news, the Write-O-Rama is a daily writing exercise I am doing this month as part of Camp NaNoWrimo.