July Write-O-Rama 13: Variety Tonight

Here is a song that is your soundtrack for this one. I don't know why. I was trying to think of a title for this post and I remembered the old REO Speedwagon song, Variety Tonight. This post is full of variety and it was written tonight so there you go.

A DAY IN THE LIFE: It is Monday again and finally at 8:09pm I get to sit down with the laptop and type this out.

This day was crazy busy. I was back at work after being off Thursday and Friday and today coincided with starting on some reports that I work on, one that comes along every six weeks and another one that comes along every three months. I finished the six week one. The every three months on will take a few weeks of work to complete but I got a good start on it today and tomorrow I will start isolating and comparing data. That’s about all I can say about that.

I made one trip to the high school and I have to go back there tomorrow night for a meeting. I made two trips to the storage space the band rents and finally got a few totes full of band stuff out of our living room and into the storage space so our living room is starting to look like a living room again.

I put gas in daughter #2’s car. I also drove to Home Depot to drop off two cheddar biscuits for daughter #1.

I washed three loads of clothes and cleaned both showers. I started the dishwasher this afternoon but wife #1 emptied it so I didn’t have to do that.

I packed up some old pool stuff and moved it all to the garage and started feeling out the neighbors to see if any of them want it all. My days of putting up a pool are over. OVER! It’s too much work for too little reward.

I didn’t get to read any of the book I am currently reading, Breasts and Eggs by Mieko Kawakami but I hope to have a bit of time to read after I get done with this.

I did file away a couple of weeks of paperwork including paperwork for my daughter’s hit and run and my father’s monthly benefit statements.

I did not have time to look up daughter #1’s classes to see if there are any books we can go ahead and hunt down cheap before everyone starts looking for them. That task is number one on my list for tomorrow.

MORE ON MICROTHOUGHTS: In Discord, I sent a message to @altmilan about how I’ve been using micro.blog and that I am considering leaving special.fish and going there but the more I looked at micro.blog today, the more it felt like a blur of microthoughts (see yesterday’s post) and the replies on there are overwhelming with conversations not exactly easy to follow so I will be making no immediate decision on that. For now, I find that I am not contributing to micro.blog or Twitter but I am still keeping up my daily special.fish log updates each morning so maybe that’s I sign that I need to stay put. It’s amazing with all I am writing here that I have anything left in my brain to write anywhere else.

PODCASTING: This week, I will be recording episode 500 of the podcast. I think this will happen either Wednesday or Thursday but who knows. I know I will be too busy tomorrow to even consider doing it.

I found a new podcast on micro.blog so I did accomplish something there. Call it a personal journal podcast or unprofessional but it is a lot like what I and others do. You should give it a try. It’s called Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch. The feed is at https://blog.hollyhoneychurch.com/feed.xml and the podcast site is at https://blog.hollyhoneychurch.com/categories/podcast/

TOMORROW’S WEATHER: It’s going to be crazy hot tomorrow. It was hot today but tomorrow is crazy hot. We typically get just a handful of crazy hot days each year and it’s a bit discouraging to be getting them in mid-July since we usually get them in mid-August. At least it’s going to be dry for a few days. We need a break from the barrage of rain we’ve dealt with lately.

FITNESS CORNER: I need to be out walking again. In fact, I WANT to be out walking again. I’ve made a point of doing two things. First, I turned on all of the fitness features of my Apple Watch again after they have been off for months. I was brainwashed by the step counting of my previous Fitbits and was having a hard time getting used to how the Apple Watch hides steps but tracks Calories, minutes of exercise and standing each hour instead. Now I am giving it a full try and today, just from what I did around the house, I exceeded my calories burned goal. Like I said, it was a busy day. I am always doing something, it seems.

Second, I am going to start tracking my weight closer, hopefully weighing in daily. I was happily surprised this morning to discover I’ve lost even more weight since winter than I expected but I have a long way to go.

CORONANEWS: Corona is still spreading, of course. This is not going to change any time soon. Aside from the employees and one other customer, I was the only one wearing a mask tonight. Two guys, probably in their late 20’s or early 30’s, were returning something and laughing it up and acting incredibly immature for their age sans mask. Double gross.

I am hoping we can have a semi-normal year at school. I know it won’t be anywhere close to normal normal but semi-normal is enough. I just have a feeling that it’s probably not going to happen.

CLOSING: In closing, that’s it for tonight. There is so much I could comment on here such as what is going on in the world and in politics but I won’t. You get enough of that in other places, don’t you? I know I do.